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School Wide Positive Behaviour Support Systems

SWPBS  is a systems approach for establishing the social culture and behavioural support needed for a school to be an effective learning environment for all students.  Its features include:

  • Explicit teaching of positive social expectations;
  • Clarity about what those expectations are;
  • Acknowledgement and rewards for appropriate behaviour;
  • Consistent consequences for unacceptable behaviour;
  • The use of data about behaviour for decision-making.

At St James Catholic College our expectations regarding school-wide positive behaviour are contained within our FLAMES acronym. Students are expected to demonstrate values and attitudes that promote

F aith
L earning
A ttitude (positive attitudes)
M utual Respect
E ncouraging others
S afety

A reward system of diary stamps, house competition and rewards, certificates, postcards, wristbands, and special morning teas with the Principal underpin the positive behaviour support system.